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Conservancy Background

Campus Martius Park provides an outstanding environment for all businesses, employees and residents to enjoy on a daily basis. The Park is a green, beautiful oasis maintained at the highest quality standards.

The organization that is responsible for the management, operation and delivering outstanding results for Campus Martius Park is the Detroit 300 Conservancy, a private, 501 (c) 3 not-for- profit organization. In 2009, the Conservancy became a subsidiary of the Downtown Detroit Partnership.

The Detroit 300 Conservancy, led by its founding Chairman Edsel B. Ford II, Compuware Chairman Peter Karmanos, the business and philanthropic communities, secured the original $20 million to design, build and endow the Park.

Under a long term agreement with the City of Detroit, the Conservancy secures private funding from the Park’s neighbors and supporters to operate the Park annually. The City supports the Park by providing utilities, public safety and special event services. Since the Park opened in 2004, the Campus Martius district has been kept beautiful and safe for the employees, residents and millions of visitors.

These positive results are made possible by the Conservancy’s strategic and hands on 24/7 management in carefully coordinating security and keeping the Park beautiful, active and illuminated year-round.

The Conservancy operates and manages the Park at the highest quality levels and in a very cost effective manner by utilizing a great team of contractors and vendors.


Detroit 300 Conservancy is a subsidiary of Downtown Detroit Partnership. The Conservancy as a subsidiary furthers the mission of DDP and will help topreserve and maintain important public space in Downtown Detroit.


  • Robert F. Gregory
    Phone: (313) 962-0106
  • Heather Badrak
    Parks Director
    Phone: (313) 962-0112
  • Njia Kai
    Programming & Special Events
    Phone: (313) 962-4054 voicemail